List-en Up!


I will confess:  I do love lists.  I love lists because they are:

  1. Organized
  2. Simple
  3. Universal
  4. Useful
  5. Thought restoring and thought provoking
  6. Often therapeutic

They are ubiquitous in my head, in my purse, on my refrigerator, on my desk.  Whether organizing my thoughts or my tasks, a list is a comfort and a help, employed as an assistive device, yet an object with a soul of its own.  There is something innately satisfying about creating a carefully catalogued litany and then committing it to paper, each entry just begging to be stricken off one-by-one when addressed.

I’ve discovered that it’s not solely the memory-boosting connection that prompts me to engage in my listful thinking; I delight in the simple mechanism of list-making.  I can enumerate the bejesus out of anything, extending far beyond the pedestrian Grocery List:  My Favorite Movies, Countries I Have Visited, My Nook Wish List, 10 People I Would Like to Meet, Why I Love (Hate) My Job … you get the picture.

The workplace relative of the list is the bullet point.  I am keen on bullet points, too.  My memos are written in high bullet point style, even the most informal ones (e.g., Bills to Pay) that I post on my bulletin board.  I prefer the old time, generic bullets, however; the florid bullets available in Microsoft Word are just crazy – stop the madness.

Outlines are just flashier, more highly educated lists.  I hold outlines in high esteem as well.  I adhere to the carefully learned and fostered outline style of my seventh grade English teacher:  no “I” without a “II”, no “A” without a “B”, and so on.  Remember the outline cards we had to turn in as part of innumerable research paper projects, grades 5 through 12?  I rather enjoyed that, although I would never have admitted it at the time.

My illicit listmania could, I suppose, veer into the realm of OCD-ish-ness.  At present, however, it is well-controlled, and provides assistance and diversion.  I must say, though:  Angie and Craig, whoever they may be, have the right idea!  (And Franz Lizst might have the coolest name ever.)


About justforjollies

Middle-aged, middle class, middle-of-the-road idealogically. Married forever, 3 grown children, 2 dogs. Enjoy good dining and good wine (OK, I admit it -- I'll drink bad wine, too!) Love to travel when finances permit.

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  1. I love lists too because I actually look at my thoughts now. Relief of brain stress, its the best. Before they are all cluttered inside your brain, and my eyes just don’t seem to be able to turn in that direction.(:

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