Rules, Rants and Random Thoughts


Another foray out into the world today, another day of living life on the edge — the edge of civility, that is, the edge of politeness, tact, manners and even sanity, it seems  With each interaction I am convinced that narcissism reigns supreme, that people are so focused on themselves, so intro-introspective that they are barely even aware there are others in their space, breathing their air.

I blame technology for some of it.  Watch a couple at dinner in a restaurant; more often than not, rather than focusing on each other, they are each checking his/her cell phone, they are texting and Facebooking.  But electronics alone are not to blame for this loss of civility; it’s the whole “me” mentality fostered by overly indulgent parents and under socialized education.

All this considered — and yes, I know I sound like a cranky old biddy — here are my rules.  They are not necessarily rules to live by, but rather rules that might make the living more pleasant and genteel.

The Rules

  1. Say “please” and “thank you”, and when thanked say “you’re welcome” instead of “uh-uh” or “”that’s OK” or even “my pleasure”.
  2. Walk on the right.  You can vote on the left and part your hair on the left but we drive on the right, we should walk on the right, whether in the hallway or on the sidewalk.
  3. Before entering an elevator allow the people inside to exit first.  Speaking of elevators — if you are in an elevator that is ready to depart and you see someone hurrying toward you, hold the door and wait for them!
  4. Don’t talk on your cell phone in a restaurant.  For whatever reason, people talk LIKE THIS ON THEIR CELL PHONES, REALLY LOUD, AND IT IS VERY ANNOYING. (Kind of like typing in all caps!)
  5. Acquaint yourself with, and religiously use, your turn signals.
  6. When you are in a crowded location — the aisle at the grocery store comes to mind — and you stop to chat with someone, step over to the side.
  7. As far as grocery stores go — if you have more than 10 items don’t use the 10-item-or-less checkout!
  8. When you ready to leave the house stop by the mirror.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Ask yourself, “If I were suddenly captured by a roving cameraman and wound up on the TV news, is this how I would want to look?”  If the answer is “No”, change!  Remember: just because they are called stretch pants doesn’t necessarily mean they should.
  9. Wash your hands! When leaving the bathroom, for sure — no brainer!  But also before a meal, after you have touched your mouth or nose, most definitely after coughing or sneezing.
  10. Along the same vein — cough or sneeze in your sleeve!

OK — thanks for allowing the rant — I feel better now!


About justforjollies

Middle-aged, middle class, middle-of-the-road idealogically. Married forever, 3 grown children, 2 dogs. Enjoy good dining and good wine (OK, I admit it -- I'll drink bad wine, too!) Love to travel when finances permit.

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  1. I always walk on the right, and find it very annoying when people don’t move to their right but instead force me off the sidewalk…what if I had been driving? 😀 Love the rules.

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