Inaugural Blog: Friday Afternoon


The sweetest day of the week — Friday.

The work week grinding to a halt, the weekend looming ahead in all of its anticipatory wonder.  Over 48 straight hours of non-work arrayed before me like the yellow brick road en route to Oz.  (I even feel like doing that little hop-skip-dancy step, linked arm-in-arm with other weekenders!)

It doesn’t matter that most weekends unravel into boring and mundane tasks like laundry, it’s the sheer joy of the imagined revelry that makes Friday afternoons pure Nirvana.  Big sigh.  Happy heart.


About justforjollies

Middle-aged, middle class, middle-of-the-road idealogically. Married forever, 3 grown children, 2 dogs. Enjoy good dining and good wine (OK, I admit it -- I'll drink bad wine, too!) Love to travel when finances permit.

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